Our Farm

A collection of pictures from our life here on our farm, the place we call Claddagh Cross Farm.

pond in winter

Our pond in winter.

farm house in winter

Our farm house in winter.


Deer in our back yard.


A beautiful sunset.

the vintage farm wife gardening

Doing some gardening.

the vintage farm wife

Working on our first chicken coop.

Jeanne McDonald the vintage farm wife

It was a good year for peppers.

paw paws

Paw paws from the woods on our farm.

vintage farm wife

First chicken coop all framed up.

the vintage farm wife chicken coop

Me and Darla with chicken coop #1.

Tibetan Spaniel

Darla, the sweetest girl in the world.

Tibetan Spaniel

Spanky hunting frogs at the pond.

the vintage farm wife

Me and one of the new baby goats.

the vintage farm wife and goats

Our goat herd.

Jeanne McDonald and guinea

My favorite guinea Kramer.

Ford 3400

My husband Rich discing our garden.

Jeanne McDonald the vintage farm wife

Hay making time. We’re always under the watchful eye of our farm dog Tito.