A Good Farm Dog is Heaven Sent

Anyone who has a farm knows the importance of having a good farm dog.  They are invaluable for protecting your stock from predators.  They are faithful companions who follow us about the daily routines of doing chores on the farm.  A good farm dog should be a help to you and not a hindrance.  I couldn’t imagine having a dog on the farm that I had to worry about killing my stock.  They should be loyal, faithful protectors.  Farm dogs come in all shapes, sizes and breeds.  Sometimes you find your farm dog and sometimes they find you.  Our farm dog Tito found us.

Seven years ago when we were buying our farm we had stopped in for one final walk thru before closing.  There at the farm was a little black dog we hadn’t seen the last time we were there to look at the place.  He was just a pup of maybe 6 months and the seller of the farm said he had just shown up there recently and stuck around.  She said he was a good dog but she just didn’t know what to do with him as she couldn’t take him with her.  Well, it didn’t take us long to realize that he should just stay right there on the farm with us.  That is how we ended up getting a dog along with our farm.  We think that God brought him there for us as he has been just what we needed.

Jeanne McDonald the vintage farm wife

Me and Tito, the first time we met him while looking at our farm.

Our dog Tito appears to be a mix of a Jack Russell and a Rat Terrier.  He weighs about 18 lbs of solid muscle and he’s faster than a speeding bullet.  He’s pound for pound one of the greatest killing machines ever produced.  Nothing sets foot on our property without him knowing it.  He took right off to guarding all of our animals and he’s saved the chickens and guineas numerous times.  He’s learned that when the guineas start raising a racket to come a running.  He regularly kills rats, mice and snakes.  He keeps the rabbit population thinned down so they don’t decimate our garden.  He’s good at digging our moles from the yard and dispatching them.  Tito’s done battle with raccoons, possums, and unfortunately one time with a skunk.  He also keeps any other neighborhood dogs away from our place.  The one thing he won’t chase after though are the coyotes as he knows that wouldn’t be wise for him.  Instead he stays on the porch and gives them a warning bark to keep them away.  He did have one bad habit that I had to break him of and that was chasing the Amish buggies down the road.  He learned quickly that type of behavior wasn’t to be tolerated.

He’s a great companion and he follows me around as I feed the chickens and goats.  He always goes with me to shut the chickens up for the night hoping for a chance to kill some mice.  When I open the coop door at night and shine in a light there are usually a few mice dashing about.  Tito charges in and usually gets one or two before they scramble to safety.  The chickens sit watching from their roosts enjoying the show.  He also loves to go to the woods with us to cut firewood.  As soon as my husband picks up the chainsaw he gets all excited as he knows we’re going wood cutting.  The reason he likes this is because I usually pack a snack to take with us.  When we are in the woods and we take a break; sometimes Tito is nowhere to be seen.  As soon as we get out the coffee and snacks he appears out of nowhere.  I think he can hear a plastic bag being opened from a mile away.

farm dog vintage farm living

Tito, our brave little farm dog.

Tito and our two inside dogs, our Tibetan Spaniels, are great friends.  When we got our little tibby Darla, Tito and her bonded right off.  She loves playing with him and he’ll take all the abuse she can heap on him without a complaint.  When she was a pup she would chew on him from one end to the other.  Sometimes when he’d had enough he would jump up and take off running as fast as he could.  He’s been such a good dog and we wouldn’t trade him for anything.  Smart as a whip, tough as nails, always watchful and loyal, a great farm dog, that’s our Tito.

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The angel of the Lord encamps all around those who fear Him, And delivers them.

Psalm 34:7

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